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Matthew Hull
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Dash The Hedgehog
Heero The Hedgehog
Mataos The Hedgehog
Ryudo The Hedgehog
(Totally original, I know.)

Mataos - Saiyan
Ryu Dragonlight - Half Saiyan
Kitai Hitachi - Human, The Turtle Master
Shinjin - The North Kaio/North Kaioshin

Original/Inire Somnus
Ryu Dragonlight - Gene Splicer Volumen
Kaiser Dragonlight - Alpha Male Volumen
Heero Susanno - G.E.N.E.S.I.S Agent, mecha suit user.
Kitai Hitachi - Wind/Ki manipulator, martial arts master.
Fou-lu - The White Knight
Eiyuu Hitachi - The Golden Warrior, White Imabeth
Chrono Raitoningu - The Sonic Warrior, Dark Imabeth
Mataos - Warrior Angel
(more to come)
Name: Fou-lu

Age: Appears early 20s, is over 700 years old.


Personality: Fou-lu is the other half of Ryu, one that is a lot more of a loner and quieter than his counterpart. Fou-lu is an individual that believed in mortals once, when he was summoned he brought the people together and made a mighty empire. While he was summoned to do this, he could of very easily of destroyed them but he decided to rule them and try to understand them. However while he was ruling, he saw how cruel and contradicting mortals can be...and this began to sadden him. However he felt that because he was incomplete, he truly could not help them as he was. Thus he decided to become complete in order to fufill this.

After his six century sleep, there was a promise made that he would be able to return to his throne and be able to reunite with his other half in order to become complete. However the mortals broke this promise and angered the God Emperor, which brings him to try and deal with the pain of being betrayed as much as he has been, as well as the pain of having to fight his own Empire. During his journey, he feels that it is indeed his duty to make sure mortals know their place, in that they cannot be at a similar level...or even above the gods.

Fou-lu also does not understand mortals, as to why they fight and kill each other, or why they are such a sinful race. As their ambitions for him even being summoned in the first place was to build the empire for future war. Especially considering the wars that happened after he fell into slumber, Fou-lu has grown to be exempt from the mortals, even more than before his slumber. Fou-lu tends to avoid conversation with anyone, remaining stoic as always unless he is approached or he has a good reason to speak with the individual. He is never someone to attack first, unless he has a good reason to, despite how intimidating he is. As for anything else, will just have to find out.

Race: Endless

Class: Mother Trucking God Emperor, I mean Incomplete.

Rank: God Emperor

Taught Skills: None

Items and Equipment:

Weapon: Royal Sword, a powerful sword that Fou-lu was buried with. It grants him the ability to wield two and it also has the ability to drain life.

Armor: Royal Armor, this set of armor was also what Fou-lu was buried with and this is his armor. While it doesn't really grant any special abilities, it grants quite a great amount of protection.

Accessory: Dragon Tear, this item makes Fou-lu completely immune to status conditions.


Godly Speed: Fou-lu has extremely high speed, to the point that to people who are not at his level, it looks like he is teleporting.

Godly Strength: Fou-lu has extremely high strength, to the point that he can over-power many individuals in his wake.

GrandMaster Combat: He is a master of many different kinds of combat, due to his long life and training. He knows how to counter many different forms and how to use them, but he prefers to use his blades above anything else.

Weaknesses: -Details Withheld-

History: Fou-lu is the God Emperor that lived over six hundred years ago. He is the man responsible for bringing together the west and starting an Empire. He was summoned through the imperfect method, which resulted in him being split into two bodies that were split across time. Regardless, he was paitent with the mortals and was able to bring them together and served as their emperor for quite a long time. Eventually, he was going to sleep and he predicted that he would wake up in six hundred years, after going to sleep...six hundred years passed and after the awakening of Ryu, a very large beam of light emits from Fou-lus his journey begins.

Endless Addon

Dragon transformation:

Name of Dragon: Astral



Full Form:…


Erasor: Astrals most powerful attack, the Hybrid form transforms into its Full Form after warping to some...ancient castle and then unleashes a massive energy beam from its mouth.

Bing: Dragon level 1 frost elemental attack, it summons icicles from above to rain down on the target.

Frost Strike: Much like Auras, Fou-lu wraps water/ice around his limbs before he attacks, doing frost elemental damage.

Wild Swing: This attack is a very strong hit that a dice is used for. (example, 0% means no damage, 50% means normal damage and 100% means double damage.)

Death: This has a 25% chance of outright killing a target, does not effect bosses however. (5% for player characters, but that puts them in the 'downed' state.)


Godly Strength: Much like before, his strength is godlike, even further increased while in this form.

Godly Speed: His speed is now even further increased, to the point that he is very hard to match.

Grandmaster combat: Same as above.

Weaknesses: -Details withheld-

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