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Heero Susannos App by super-saiyan-matt Heero Susannos App :iconsuper-saiyan-matt:super-saiyan-matt 0 0
Frost and Baron training
 Baron slowly sat up from the ground, failing like complete crap after a rough's nigth sleep. Typical, first he gets his a** handed to him by some green alien, and then he gets teleported to some cold planet out in the middle of nowhere. "Things just can't get ****ing easy for me can they?" he groaned as he rubbed his face and got to his feet "Now what to do..."
Frost stood on a high hill over looking Icer...his home planet. He had longed to see it...and to rebuild hiis race on it but he had never been able he was here. And he was not happy. Frost hardly ever was nowadays. But he was livid that Fuer had not only came close to matching his strength his attitude made frost want to rip the changelings head off! The mere thought of that little punk being as strong as frost made veins pop out in his neck as his rage boiled within him. "I will show that little brat who the hell he's mess around with." he mutters, barons complaints also did not help his mood either.
"Stop both o
:iconsuper-saiyan-matt:super-saiyan-matt 1 0
Fatal Battle: Infinity vs Destiny Part 2
Chapter 3: One person cannot do this alone.
Ryu's puts a hand on his neck before he gently cracks it, twice. He was indeed nervous…despite how he wanted to end it. SunSun noticed this and squeezed his hand, Ryu's smiles a little at her and nods before they look over towards their target, Shinjin. The Corrupted God simply scoffs at them, landing on the ground before he spreads his hands out. “So…you two still think you can defeat a god?” He asks. Ryu's ponders this, before he grips his blade and shakes his head. “No…it is blasphemy to kill a god, however…we can purify you.” He told him. SunSun nods as she spreads her legs a little, bouncing on the balls of her feet, her five tails lazily moving around behind her while Shinjin simply waits for them, his expression proud, confident in his abilities.
SunSun charges right for him while Ryu's stays put, however he did something rather unexpected, he threw his sword after SunSun as
:iconsuper-saiyan-matt:super-saiyan-matt 0 0
List for Legendary forms and stuff
List for Legendary forms, some plans and Titans.
Please put in the comments of any legendary being you might want to be, with the characters name, as well as ANY suggestions at all, like any switches for the sins, or any event ideas, etc.
Legendary Sins
Take note, the Sins have NOTHING to do with OCs, once the sin dies, it is gone forever. So your OC will not become the Sin if they get chosen as the Legendary Being, so ignore it ladies.
However, if someone wishes to be an EV Sin, you can. But take note that it is an EV (Event Villian), not an OC. So they will need to be roleplayed in a certain way and it is VERY likely that they will die at some point. After they die, they can become an OC, they just lose their legendary and Sin status.
Furthermore, ALL Legendary Super Forms are stronger than any Tier 2 form by default, but weaker than Tier 3 forms. On the upside, they get benefits to help them in that regard.

Wrath - Saiyan
Pride - Changeling
Lust - Demon
:iconsuper-saiyan-matt:super-saiyan-matt 0 6
Super Saiyan vs Super Saiyan
 Inside the Wolf's lair, Dulagar had been doing what he normally did nowadays with his time off from training people, training himself. He had been spending a lot of time inside the Gravity Room, trying to get used to it and practising inside it anytime he got a chance to. "Hmmm.. let's try this.." he said to himself as he stood inside the Gravity Room, he had pressed a button on the console of the machine and increased the Gravity to a level he hadn't practised yet and just like that Dulagar was brought down onto the ground on his stomach, his hands were pressed down against the ground as hard as he could but he only felt his arms falling under the pressure. His face was etched with anger and pain as it felt like his own body was harming him, his teeth grinding against each other as he concentrated in an attempt to get himself off from the ground. It was enough for his pupils to change into the a teal colour and his power began to rise up and up as his hair began to stand on e
:iconsuper-saiyan-matt:super-saiyan-matt 0 1
DBZ story event part 3
Just as people were deciding on their third wish...things were about to get a turn for the worst. However, it was not the approaching power of...what seemed to be Cyrus that they had to be concerned about. Within the crowd of Nameks, one of the robed individuals, who was indeed a Namek spoke out. He was speaking in Namekian...and before anyone could stop him the Dragon turns to the individual. "This shall be done." As well as despite the pleas of the Elder, the Dragons eyes glow and then states. "Your wishes have been granted...farewell." The Dragon then glows brightly, before disappearing and the Dragon Balls lifting up and...scattering.
Mataos looks around. "What just happened...?" Then, a voice spoke out from above them. "Your worst nightmare has started..." Looking up, people could see the half-breed Cyrus floating above them. Mataos grunts before he slowly stands up and he then shouts. "What just happened!? What did you do!?" Cyrus merely sweeps himself as he begins to lower
:iconsuper-saiyan-matt:super-saiyan-matt 0 0
Dragon Ball Event story, return of the King.
The location was set in the Ice Lands, said to hold the last place for them to search and find more answers. Kitai was taking Dulagar along with him, with a power restricter which dramatically reduces his power, for now anyway. It was kind of like a metal head band...of sorts, which was wrapped very tightly around his head. Kitai had requested for Aska to join him, as the last Dragon Ball might be here too...and then all they needed was the other two to revive Mataos. He also sent out requests to the others, of course none of them HAD to join, but yeah. After landing at the Ice Caps, Kitai looks around the area and then at the map, he was wrapped up to be fairly warm, but his Ki mainly warmed him. "..." He looks over at Dulagar for a moment before he exhales. "...Hopefully we'll find a way to release you." He murmurs before he scans the area itself...before catching sight of an odd formation before approaching it. After a bit of messing around, he found an ancient switch...which w
:iconsuper-saiyan-matt:super-saiyan-matt 1 0
Clan of Volumen
Affiliations: None.
Fame:Well-known throughout history.
Alignment: Neutral, though believed Evil.
Recent History: They are a currently ruined race with very few survivors, due to the war that happened one thousand years ago. The reason for that is that the Humans were afraid of the Dragons and their power, being that it was said they could destroy the world with the Gods' Scroll. After the war, the Dragons were scattered, and most went into hiding. The lore and knowledge of the Script was locked away in the main be rediscovered eventually.
Clan Back-History: When the first Dragon was born, the Gods decided that upon this powerful beast they would place the Scroll of Life; trusting the race with the eternal role of recording history. Within every Dragon henceforth would the scroll live on; deeply embedded in the beast's very cells... or more prominently, their blood. But due to the continued breeding of the Dragons over the years, the abi
:iconsuper-saiyan-matt:super-saiyan-matt 1 0
Fatal Battle: Infinity vs Destiny Part 1
Fatal Battle: Infinity vs Destiny
Chapter 1: Lovers always fight together
It had been many months, maybe even a year or so since Ryu started his journey, the journey to collect all of the scripts of his race and change the fate of the planet itself. However now it was time for him to end his journey, his quest to free the world from the concept of 'destiny'. Not many knew of this, but their lives are controlled by one god. This god is known as the God of Destiny, however his soul had been corrupted sometime in the past, therefore the world has turned into a living Hell itself. It was only recently that the Dragon Race known as the Volumen had been wiped out. It is now up to the lone survivor of the Volumen, Ryu Dragonlight to change the fates of everyone, now with the power to change fate itself, he goes to face this God.
Appearing out of the Portal, Ryu found himself in a very warped reality, separate from the universe mortals lived in. He could feel the space itself try to rip hi
:iconsuper-saiyan-matt:super-saiyan-matt 1 7
Heeros new mission...survive.
Following the confrontation at the base recovery mission, Sergeant Heero was to return to his base and report the turnouts. Landing pads marked several places about the larger T.P.F. base he was assigned to. There, a crew of mechanics and a few military officials awaited upon being notified of his movement away from the battle scene(s) and the drop in activity out there. The crew waited in a special ops garage where other NHS and NHM-class suits were parked and suit operators and their detail teams met. The first to greet Heero would be a software engineer saluting and speaking "Sergeant Susanoo. It's a pleasure to see you again. How did you fare in the mission?"
Heero indeed lands there, his body soon exiting the suit once he was greeted. He rubs his shoulder a little before he looks up towards the Engineer. "Indeed..." He replies before he turns to the individual, saluting back before he speaks. "I managed to draw them back and ultimately retreat with our artillery." He expl
:iconsuper-saiyan-matt:super-saiyan-matt 0 0
The raid on Namekians
Within the peaceful villages of the Namekians, all was not well. In one of the main ones holding the Namekian Elder himself there was an attack on it. With a few people quite a lot stronger than the Namekian warriors in-fact The Elder, Pion was making his way inside, trying to find a way to provide help for his children while they fight off the menace. "....Hm." He sweats a little, before contacting an old well as for anyone else that may help them out. Outside, village homes were being burned down and other things. It was pretty bad...but not hopeless.
Flying overhead, Haka had heard the chaos from a distance and came as soon as he could upon realizing it was a Namekian village under attack. Landing amongst the burning homes he began asking fleeing villagers what was going on, but most were too busy running away to respond to him. "I'll have better luck, if I can find someone in charge..." he grumbled as he began to run to where he figured the village Elder must be. /
:iconsuper-saiyan-matt:super-saiyan-matt 0 0
Sais encounter.
Screams and pain were coming from several, small villages that surrounded one of the main Saiyan Kingdoms, normally Saiyans wouldn't be exclaiming such noises when they get attacked, but it seems the difference in power of the attackers has caused such things to happen. With the absence of Aska and Mataos, it seems that these raiders are taking advantage of the situation. Soon enough, the villages were set on fire.
Even though the King and Queen Saiyan's were not in the kingdom at the moment the Generals and higher-ups were all in a rustle, trying to send troops of Saiyan warriors out to the surrounding villages to fend off the invaders. One of these soldiers was an Elite Class warrior, known as Sai. Once he was commanded by one of his authoritarians he dispatched from the kingdom immediately, taking flight and observing the situation from a birds eye view, his purple aura following him in a faded beam. Once he grasped how dire the situation actually was he landed in the middle of
:iconsuper-saiyan-matt:super-saiyan-matt 0 0
Cyrus Encounter, the death of a Saiyan.
super-saiyan-matt: The day seemed fairly calm...until a massive flux of power was detected. On Orians scouter, as well as Aska, Mataos and Kitais ability to sense. They sensed a massive power, it being that of something not really detected before, not just in magnitude...but just the evil energy it was exerting. The source of it was actually very closeby, near a populated area that consisted of Saiyans. Kitai was one of the first to react, with it seeming similar to that same Regardless, he lets his energy flow around him before he flies towards the source. Mataos on the otherhand, was within that place, in Askas castle. "...." He looks up a little. "A new challenge...huh." He murmurs before he allows his own energy to surround him, he then flies out of the castle at high speed towards the source as well.
Zojen: Orean watched Mataos and Kitai fly off before tilting his head "[Observtion]: their action is a brash one" he stated. "[Theory]: they'd most likely need help" he said
:iconsuper-saiyan-matt:super-saiyan-matt 0 0
First Encounter
super-saiyan-matt: There was a grand amount of gossip coming from nearby villages, they say that there is an individual who is going around, destroying places and not even the strongest of warriors can stop him. They either join him or perish under his power. This individual has made a name for himself, though his real name is unknown, his distinctive demonic ki and his black and crimson hair is how one will recognize him. A couple of warriors were going out to meet this man, as his power could be sensed within a wasteland...something so large, one cannot seem to miss it. Mataos the Saiyan and Kitai the Turtle Master both land in the wasteland and look around...there were a few other people here too, it seemed. Luckily however it wasn't too hot today and the few enemies there were...didn't seem too tough, at least.
sithman91: Using her speed Crispa lands not to far from Kitai and mataos grinning as her scouter tried it's hardest to get a presise reading on this massive power it was
:iconsuper-saiyan-matt:super-saiyan-matt 0 0
Brand, the fire spirit by super-saiyan-matt Brand, the fire spirit :iconsuper-saiyan-matt:super-saiyan-matt 0 2
Mataos and Crispa face off.
To sithman91: The day started quite early, not too much going on, but there was a certain individual training in the fields, This was a Low Class Saiyan, who was trying to just see how fast he has become...not incredibly fast, unfortunately. Regardless, he comes to a stop before he stretches a little. "Ugh..." He murmurs as he stretches his arm and cracks it. "I should get a bath" He said, he was fairly dirty. But regardless he would simply turn around and stop for a moment before he sniffs up. "...." He then rubs his stomach. "Hungry too..."
To super-saiyan-matt: Another sayian some distance away wasn't having such a great day. Crispa Flare was bored out of her mind, son to vent both her boredum she was flying in the Low class's direction with her ki making her look like a green comet. "It was so much more fun back in the village...but oh well can't trouble myself over spilled milk." She mutters to her self while she flies, as she neared the training fields her scouter soun
:iconsuper-saiyan-matt:super-saiyan-matt 0 1

Random Favourites

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ch11: knowing the unknown girl
" its ok Alita its not your fault." matt said to confort Alita but alita keep saying that it is her fault that things happen to her  and to peopol around her. Matt rubs her back to ease her and to help her relaxe not knowing that they were alone in the forest. in another part of the forest the mysterious girl Colette the Eagle was siting down by a waterfall which look like she was taking a nap sitting straight up. "hey bullet why dont you go talk to her ?" Laharl ask Bullet. " .....i dont know ... she looks like she is asleep ill dont want to bother her." Bullet said. " i dare you to or your just chicken." laharl told him. " im not chicken" Bullet said studderly. "then prove it go talk to her then we already established that you like her i can see it your blushing right now" Laharl said mockingly to him. " blushing ill prove it to you im not a chicken" Bullet said blushing bright red. he walked up to Colette quietly so she cant hear him but he steped on a twige and it sna
:icontails-and-cosmo:Tails-and-Cosmo 3 9
Stay Away from The Child
Stay away from the Child
She looks at you with red, envious, eyes
She can't sleep at night
Because she always wanders in your nightmares
Brooding with delight
And you scream
Your throat bleeds
And your voice is gone
Stay away from the Child
She cries a river of pain
She points a finger at you
Because she knows you're a sinner
Aware of the forthcoming truth
And you praise
And you curse
While your soul burns
While your mind dies
Stay away from the Child
Eternal source of loneliness
Even God is afraid of her
And you can't do nothing
She has almost reached your room
And you cry
And you shiver
There's no other choice
Than giving up this sick game
Called life
She opens the door
She walks in
She looks at you and smiles
Your sadness vanishes…
…You've exhaled
:iconblackcoley:BlackColey 2 17
True Trust
Will you take me to the heavens?
Will you take me in your arms?
Hold me above all dangers,
And protect me from all harm?
Smite all the powerful demons,
That might rise to beat me down.
Hold me close to yourself,
For I find comfort in your embrace.
Please do not leave my side,
I fear my life would end.
I granted my soul to you,
Hoping you would keep it safe.
Now I close my eyes to the dangers,
And trust you with all myself.
If the darkness engulfs me I shall not fear,
Because you are with me.
:iconterra-storm:Terra-Storm 6 31
Wind by evil-kitty-1 Wind :iconevil-kitty-1:evil-kitty-1 4 5 How to Draw DragonBall Z Style by sonigoku How to Draw DragonBall Z Style :iconsonigoku:sonigoku 73 60



Matthew Hull
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
Dash The Hedgehog
Heero The Hedgehog
Mataos The Hedgehog
Ryudo The Hedgehog
(Totally original, I know.)

Mataos - Saiyan
Ryu Dragonlight - Half Saiyan
Kitai Hitachi - Human, The Turtle Master
Shinjin - The North Kaio/North Kaioshin

Original/Inire Somnus
Ryu Dragonlight - Gene Splicer Volumen
Kaiser Dragonlight - Alpha Male Volumen
Heero Susanno - G.E.N.E.S.I.S Agent, mecha suit user.
Kitai Hitachi - Wind/Ki manipulator, martial arts master.
Fou-lu - The White Knight
Eiyuu Hitachi - The Golden Warrior, White Imabeth
Chrono Raitoningu - The Sonic Warrior, Dark Imabeth
Mataos - Warrior Angel
(more to come)

Name: Chrono

Age: Around 50,000 but looks 23

Race: Dark Imabeth

Class: Guardian of Time, one of the seven warriors

Personality: Chrono is a fairly quiet individual that likes to observe, he is also one of the oldest Imabeths, so he has a lot of knowledge about their history and things about the universe, as well as history. He is very kind and usually looks out for people and tries to help them in trouble, especially if he knows that they will have a bad outcome. However he knows his duties and will not interfere unless the gods tell him to.

He is a very peaceful individual that rarely fights and will avoid it when possible, but he will fight if the other options are even worse. This is because he does not believe in violence and that it does not solve anything. However he does believe in protecting people, so he will fight if need be.

Appearance: Chrono is a fairly tall and lean individual that primarily has navy blue clothing that covers most of his body and a wrap of cloth that he can wrap around his face and head to completely cover his identity. This is due to the ninja arts he has learned, to be completely covered and use the environment to his advantage. This is primarily used when he travels through time so he has the least amount of impact on the era as possible.

Underneath he has dark green eyes and long red hair, that reaches past down his bum and spikes out, a little like Raditz from DBZ or a Super Saiyan 3. He is quite tanned and fairly thin, he stands at around 5’8 and weighs around 9 stone.


Unmeasured Speed: Chrono is the fastest Imabethian alive, as he can break a speed that is unnatural for most other Imabethians, due to his position. This allows him to fight a lot of opponents with his extreme speed and reflexes.

Immense Magical Energy: Chrono has a lot of magical energy, due to his training and long life, as well as a lot of power behind his attacks.

Immense Knowledge: While many people have intelligence, Chrono has an immense amount of knowledge, due to his long life and travelling through space and time. He has learned a lot throughout the years and there is very little that he does not know or that surprises him.

Grand Master Combat: Chrono is generally a grand master when it comes to combat in general, he is a master of using both his body and magic, being able to fight at nearly all ranges.


Durability: His durability is quite low, due to his incredible speed and power, his body is built for them, but not really to take blows, so it doesn’t take much to take him down.

Earth: Due to his main affinity being lightning, he has a major weakness against Earth magic and abilities, as he takes extra damage from it and it has an advantage against his Lightning magic.

Light: Due to being a Dark Imabeth, he also has a natural weakness to Light/Holy magics.

Physical Strength: His physical strength is quite average, not as low as his durability, so it still has some use, but he is useless if he is forced into a test of strength against another.


Time Powers: Chrono does not have an incredible amount of control over it, infact most of it is controlled by the gods. However, Chrono has some control over it for his own body; it is how he has his incredible speed. He cannot travel through time unless the gods do it for him and his powers cannot effect any others, he also cannot rewind his body at all, nor can he slow down his wounds more than half the normal length. However he can fast forward himself, slow down his aging and such, as well as stop himself if need be. If he stops himself, he needs a trigger to be able to move again.

Lightning Magic: As one of the seven warriors, most of his magical power goes into his ability, but he is a master of Lightning Magic, which greatly enhances his capabilities.

Lightning Tackle: This is an attack where Chrono wraps lightning around his body before launching himself at the target, causing lightning damage to whatever he touches.

Lightning Strike: Chrono gathers a mass of lightning energy around his hands, compressing them before firing a large stream of Lightning that spans for about 50 feet before disappearing.

Lightning Storm: Chrono gathers his magical energy before he slams his fist into the ground. He then unleashes it into the air as a lightning storm cloud expands for about 100 feet, it then starts striking lightning in random locations, making it very dangerous for the opponent.

Thunder Punch: Just as it says, Chrono gathers lightning around his fist before he thrusts forward and unleashes a devastating punch.

Electro Pulse: Chrono can do this from very close range or from a straight line, he unleashes a large pulse that pushes into and electrocutes whatever it touches.


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