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Matthew Hull
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Dash The Hedgehog
Heero The Hedgehog
Mataos The Hedgehog
Ryudo The Hedgehog
(Totally original, I know.)

Mataos - Saiyan
Ryu Dragonlight - Half Saiyan
Kitai Hitachi - Human, The Turtle Master
Shinjin - The North Kaio/North Kaioshin

Original/Inire Somnus
Ryu Dragonlight - Gene Splicer Volumen
Kaiser Dragonlight - Alpha Male Volumen
Heero Susanno - G.E.N.E.S.I.S Agent, mecha suit user.
Kitai Hitachi - Wind/Ki manipulator, martial arts master.
Fou-lu - The White Knight
Eiyuu Hitachi - The Golden Warrior, White Imabeth
Chrono Raitoningu - The Sonic Warrior, Dark Imabeth
Mataos - Warrior Angel
(more to come)

Name: Chrono

Age: Around 50,000 but looks 23

Race: Dark Imabeth

Class: Guardian of Time, one of the seven warriors

Personality: Chrono is a fairly quiet individual that likes to observe, he is also one of the oldest Imabeths, so he has a lot of knowledge about their history and things about the universe, as well as history. He is very kind and usually looks out for people and tries to help them in trouble, especially if he knows that they will have a bad outcome. However he knows his duties and will not interfere unless the gods tell him to.

He is a very peaceful individual that rarely fights and will avoid it when possible, but he will fight if the other options are even worse. This is because he does not believe in violence and that it does not solve anything. However he does believe in protecting people, so he will fight if need be.

Appearance: Chrono is a fairly tall and lean individual that primarily has navy blue clothing that covers most of his body and a wrap of cloth that he can wrap around his face and head to completely cover his identity. This is due to the ninja arts he has learned, to be completely covered and use the environment to his advantage. This is primarily used when he travels through time so he has the least amount of impact on the era as possible.

Underneath he has dark green eyes and long red hair, that reaches past down his bum and spikes out, a little like Raditz from DBZ or a Super Saiyan 3. He is quite tanned and fairly thin, he stands at around 5’8 and weighs around 9 stone.


Unmeasured Speed: Chrono is the fastest Imabethian alive, as he can break a speed that is unnatural for most other Imabethians, due to his position. This allows him to fight a lot of opponents with his extreme speed and reflexes.

Immense Magical Energy: Chrono has a lot of magical energy, due to his training and long life, as well as a lot of power behind his attacks.

Immense Knowledge: While many people have intelligence, Chrono has an immense amount of knowledge, due to his long life and travelling through space and time. He has learned a lot throughout the years and there is very little that he does not know or that surprises him.

Grand Master Combat: Chrono is generally a grand master when it comes to combat in general, he is a master of using both his body and magic, being able to fight at nearly all ranges.


Durability: His durability is quite low, due to his incredible speed and power, his body is built for them, but not really to take blows, so it doesn’t take much to take him down.

Earth: Due to his main affinity being lightning, he has a major weakness against Earth magic and abilities, as he takes extra damage from it and it has an advantage against his Lightning magic.

Light: Due to being a Dark Imabeth, he also has a natural weakness to Light/Holy magics.

Physical Strength: His physical strength is quite average, not as low as his durability, so it still has some use, but he is useless if he is forced into a test of strength against another.


Time Powers: Chrono does not have an incredible amount of control over it, infact most of it is controlled by the gods. However, Chrono has some control over it for his own body; it is how he has his incredible speed. He cannot travel through time unless the gods do it for him and his powers cannot effect any others, he also cannot rewind his body at all, nor can he slow down his wounds more than half the normal length. However he can fast forward himself, slow down his aging and such, as well as stop himself if need be. If he stops himself, he needs a trigger to be able to move again.

Lightning Magic: As one of the seven warriors, most of his magical power goes into his ability, but he is a master of Lightning Magic, which greatly enhances his capabilities.

Lightning Tackle: This is an attack where Chrono wraps lightning around his body before launching himself at the target, causing lightning damage to whatever he touches.

Lightning Strike: Chrono gathers a mass of lightning energy around his hands, compressing them before firing a large stream of Lightning that spans for about 50 feet before disappearing.

Lightning Storm: Chrono gathers his magical energy before he slams his fist into the ground. He then unleashes it into the air as a lightning storm cloud expands for about 100 feet, it then starts striking lightning in random locations, making it very dangerous for the opponent.

Thunder Punch: Just as it says, Chrono gathers lightning around his fist before he thrusts forward and unleashes a devastating punch.

Electro Pulse: Chrono can do this from very close range or from a straight line, he unleashes a large pulse that pushes into and electrocutes whatever it touches.

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